Padgett Business Services

P.O. Box 31867
Mesa, Az. 85275-1867
P. 480.668.1155
F. 480.668.1313

Padgett Business Services


Exceptional Services from Padgett Business Services

  1. Our work is guaranteed to be accurate, complete and confidential.
  2. Your work is picked up at your your business and reports are delivered back to you at your business prior to the sales tax and payroll tax payment deadlines.
  3. We will fill out the forms and alert you to tax filing deadlines.
  4. You receive timely and personal service from an experienced professional.
  5. Complete payroll preparation and processing is available.
  6. Telephone inquiries will be returned within 24 hours.

The monthly fee is based on volume and condition of the accounting information. A rate is agreed to and will not be changed without discussion with the client.

You will know what your monthly fee is before the information is picked up at our business. There will be no surprises.